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Rotor Dynamics Training Preview

This webinar has passed but you can find the recorded version at

Thursday, April 21st, 2016 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 am EST (EDT)

Want to get trained on fundamentals of Rotor Dynamics and Bearing analysis while getting some hands-on experience with an industry-approved software but not sure what all our training classes include?
Join us for this 1-hour preview of our 3-day class where we will discuss how rotor dynamics is a crucial part of turbomachinery design, analysis and redesign to ensure continuous reliability as well as how appropriate training is necessary in order to prevent very very costly design errors from happening (broken shafts for example).
During this short course, we will provide an overview of the full class contents as well as basic definitions and an in-depth lecture on a particular topic:  Critical speeds and the distinction of rigid and flexible rotors - what they are, why they are important and how can they be moved away from the machine operation range with a reasonable margin of safety.
In addition, this topic will be demonstrated using our AxSTREAM Rotor Dynamics software.

The session will include:
  • Short presentation of the contents of the full course (classroom/online)
  • Detailed lecture of some specific aspects that are discussed in the full class.
Who should attend?​
  • Engineers wanting to get an introduction or deepen their understanding of what rotor dynamics and hydrodynamics bearing analysis are
  • Engineers interested in calculating machine rotor dynamics for new designs and redesigns
  • Engineering managers looking to get an overview of this industry to better understand the work of their team
  • Engineering students looking to expand their knowledge and/or work on turbomachinery design and redesign.
We look forward to a great webinar and your challenging questions. Please register ahead of time and if you have any specific questions, let us know during the registration so that we can try to incorporate the answers into our presentation.

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