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AxSTREAM NET, a new thermal-fluid flow simulation software and its application to gas turbine secondary & cooling systems analysis & design.

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During the early phases of a thermal-fluid system design process, the geometry has to be defined (complete 3D solid model of the flowpath geometry is not yet available). In this design phase, a flexible method of varying the geometry and elements of the thermal-fluid system is very useful. A new software tool AxSTREAM®NET, developed by SoftInWay, provides flexible method by representing thermal-fluid systems through networks of nodes and flow elements. This allows simulation of fluid flow and heat transfer inside thermal-fluid systems.

The webinar will describe the approach to simulate thermal-fluid flow by new software tool AxSTREAM®NET, developed by SoftInWay and tailored for engineers who design and analyze thermal-fluid systems, including but not limited to: gas turbine secondary air systems, gas turbine blade cooling systems, steam turbine secondary flow systems, industrial gas systems and  ventilation systems.

Additionally, webinar attendees will be able to ask questions during Q&A regarding their specific issues & interests.

The session will include:

  • Introduction to thermal-fluid networks
  • Examples of pipeline flow modeling, boundary condition choices, convection simulation, modeling of flow mixing and splitting in junctions and chambers & scripting capabilities.
  • Demonstration of blade cooling flow and rotor secondary flow modeling

Who should attend?

  • Engineers, managers, and supervisors who want an introduction how to design and analyze thermal-fluid networks
  • Engineering professionals working with gas turbine secondary and cooling systems
  • Engineering students looking to expand their knowledge on thermal-fluid flow simulation

We look forward to a great webinar and your challenging questions. Please register ahead of time and if you have any specific questions, let us know during the registration so that we can try to incorporate the answers into our presentation.

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