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Boost of Larger ICEs Through Combinations of Turbochargers, Blowdown Turbines And Organic Rankine Cycles

Thursday, March 26, 2015 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 am EST (EDT)

While blowdown turbines have been in practice since the World Wars, the use of Turbochargers has increased dramatically over the past decades. This is because of the great advancements in turbomachinery and control system designs on one hand and increasing fuel prices and demand for more fuel efficient vehicles on the other. Growing concerns regarding climate change have also led to more governmental regulations for lower emissions and contributed to the growth of turbocharger usage in automotive, marine and aeronautic industries. Turbochargers have appeared or replaced superchargers in many automobiles, trains, boats, ships and aircrafts. On the other hand, the applications of Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC) have grown noticeably both in number and types over the recent years.

One of the newest applications of ORCs is in automotive, railroad and marine industries; using a secondary working fluid, they take advantage of the exhaust gas energy to boost the power output of the engine. As a Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) system, ORCs improve the overall efficiency of the vehicle and reduce its specific emissions. For bigger engines more heat is available for recuperation and it becomes interesting to evaluate the potential of different WHR systems and combinations of them for both non-turbocharged and turbocharged engines. This webinar comes in our series of previous sessions related to turbochargers and waste heat recovery for smaller engines.
Since 1999, SoftInWay has been active in turbomachinery system design, analysis and optimization. We have been supporting the major players in optimizing their turbomachinery engineering processes while collaborating on how to “out-innovate”.
In this webinar, we will highlight the emerging applications for Turbochargers and ORCs in trains, boats and ships while looking at different combinations of systems used to boost the engine. The session includes:

  1. Brief introductions to Turbochargers, Blowdown turbines and ORCs
  2. Examples of applications for supplementary power production systems in automotive and marine industries
  3. Qualitative comparison of engine boost systems combinations at the cycle and turbine design levels
Who should attend:
  • Engineers working on engines, waste heat recovery, turbochargers, ORC in automotive, marine, railroad and aircraft applications
  • Engineering managers looking to expand their range of products for cleaner transportation
  • Engineering students interested in the future of transportation

We look forward to a great Webinar and your challenging questions. Please register ahead of time and if you have any specific questions, let us know during the registration so that we can try to incorporate the answers into our presentation.

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